Divine Way Ministries, Inc.
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"Doing Church God's Way"


We are involved with doing our part to help the community. And having a good time fellowshipping with one another.

About Us

Divine Way Ministries was organized on October 17, 2008, and is built on seven divine principles:

1. Love God Mightily.

2. Celebrate God Fervently.

3. Love Each Other Dutifully.

4. Love Our Communities Diligently.

5. Treat Everyone With Respect Constantly.

6. Serve God By Helping Others Faithfully.

7. Nurture The Divine Purpose In Everyone Religiously. 


Divine Way believes that God the Father loved the world so deeply, He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on a cross as payment for our sins; to be buried in a tomb to destroy the power of sin; to rise from the dead on the third day overcoming death. God then sent His Holy Spirit to remain with us as our Comforter and Guide. 

Divine Way celebrates Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit -- these precious gifts of God.


With the vision of "Doing Church God's Way," the five objectives of our ministry are:

1. To teach God's Holy Word from the Bible

2. To provide training in divine principles

3. To create a caring and nurturing worship environment

4. To establish ministries that provide different venues to manifest Christ's love

5. To develop mature Disciples of Christ that will spread the message of Christ worldwide